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The Essex Swan
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As told by Patroller Eileen Tyrer
HEAT (Harwich Environmental Action Team)

Mistral and her youngMistral, named because she came to the Harwich area (Essex) in the windy month of March 1999, has had a sad and chequered life. She has had two mates and both were killed in another part of Dovercourt. So the Harwich Environmental Action Team (HEAT), who had been caring for her for over two years, moved her in the summer of 2001 to the ponds in Dovercourt for her own safety. The Harwich Environmental Action Team were then looking forward to the day when she may finally take off with her family and hopefully find another mate. HEAT had most of the local population watching over her after they informed the residents of her plight.

This is the true story of Mistral (a mute swan) told as it unfolds by Eileen from HEAT. Since her move to the Dovercourt ponds in 2001 Mistral has had four further mates, and has been involved with Freedom (a Hooper swan) in two love triangles.

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