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Air ShowsAir Shows across England. Includes Duxford air show, Flixton Aircraft Museum, RAF Museum London and Yeovilton air show.
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Duxford Air Show


Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridgeshire, England is Britain's largest aviation museum, Duxford houses the museum's large exhibits, including nearly 200 aircraft, military vehicles, artillery and minor naval vessels in seven main exhibitions buildings. The site accommodates a number of British Army regimental museums, including those of the Parachute Regiment and the Royal Anglian Regiment. The museum is based on the historic Duxford Aerodrome, the site was originally operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the First World War. During the Second World War Duxford played a prominent role during the Battle of Britain and was later used by United States Army Air Forces fighter units in support of the daylight bombing of Germany.

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Flixton Aircraft Museum

FMA IA 58 pucara (4).JPG

The Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum (Flixton Aircraft Museum), maintained and run by volunteers, holds an impressive collection of aircraft and equipment and themed displays in separate buildings. Free admission, open April to October (Sundays to Thursdays) from 10am to 5pm, and also open several days a week for most of November to March

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RAF Museum London


Royal Air Force Museum, near Hendon is located in Colindale, North London features over one hundred full-size aircraft from across the globe displayed in various galleries on what is the historic site of the original London Aerodrome.

The London collection includes some very early airplane designs, war planes including the legendary Battle of Britain Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane airplanes and a Lancaster Bomber of World War II, through to the latest modern day jets and military aircraft.

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Yeovilton Air Show


RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset is home to the Fleet Air Arm's Sea Harrier aircraft and helicopters that deploy aboard the Royal Navy's three aircraft carriers. There is also a Fleet Air Arm Museum with a collection of about 60 different historic aircraft and the RN Historic flight are based here including the Fairey Swordfish, Swordfish, Hawker Sea Fury FB11 and the Hawker Seahawk FGA6.

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Weston Super Mare
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Weston-super-Mare Air Show


Weston-super-Mare, a seaside resort with all the traditional seaside attractions, including their famous donkey rides; undercover attractions include the SeaQuarium, the North Somerset Museum and the world's largest dedicated Helicopter Museum.

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Weston-super-Mare Helecoptor Museum


Weston-super-Mare Helicopter Museum (The world's largest Helicopter Museum) is a dedicated museum featuring a collection of more than 80 helicopters and autogyros from around the world, both civilian and military. The museum is based on the south-eastern corner of the now-disused airfield in Weston-super-Mare.

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Theme ParksTheme Parks across Europe such as Puy du Fou, Vendee, France (more Theme Parks photo albums, including Disneyland Paris to shortly be added).
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Disneyland Paris


Disneyland Paris, a theme park in Marne-la-Vallée, a new town in the eastern suburbs of Paris, France is one of Europe's leading tourist destinations. The complex, comprising two theme parks is located 32 kilometers (20 miles) from the centre of Paris and lies for the most part on the territory of the commune of Chessy, Seine-et-Marne. Operating since April 1992, it was the second Disney resort to open outside the United States (following Tokyo Disney Resort) and the first to be owned and operated by Disney.

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Legoland Windsor, a child-oriented theme park, Windsor, Berkshire, England, themed on the Lego toy system opened in 1996 on the site of what was the Windsor Safari Park. Legoland, Windsor is the second Legoland theme park, the first being Legoland Billund, Denmark. The theme park, located within close distance of Windsor Castle, as with other Legolands across the world, the main attractions are a mixture of Lego-themed rides, Lego models, and Lego building workshops.

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Puy du Fou


Puy Du Fou Theme Park, Vendee, France. is well worth a visit but it is best to pre-book if you wish to see the Cinescenie in the evening. The Grand Parc has a number of exhibits going on throughout the day with various main open-air shows at regular intervals, lasting up to 40 minutes each; such as the Vikings; Gallo-Roman Stadium where Gladiators fight and chariot races take place; the Phantom Birds Dance; and the Battle of the Keep. After dark the spectacular two-hour pre-booked Cinescenie show takes place in the open-air with over 1000 actors taking part.

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Theme Parks

Rattlesnake at Chessington World of Adventures theme park, Chessington, London .jpg

Adventure Parks and Theme Parks in England and Wales; a sample of some of the themes.

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CastlesCastles in England, Wales and France such as the Mountfitchet castle of 1066 in Essex (more castles photo albums to shortly be added).
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A selection of castles around southern England, Wales and France including Cardiff casle, Colchester Castle, Hedingham, Windsor and Warwick castle.

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Berkeley Castle


Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, includes the English Civil War re-enactment. Berkeley Castle lived in by the same family for over 900 years. Where Edward II was murdered, where the Barons of the West gathered before Magna Carta and where Queen Elizabeth I hunted and played bowls.

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Lulworth Castle


Lulworth castle, Dorset, over 400 years old was destroyed by fire in 1929 due to an electrical fault. Now open to the public as a museum and includes an animal farm and at certain times of the year entertainment in the grounds including jousting.

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Mountfitchet Castle


Mountfitchet Castle 1066, Essex, is an historically accurate reconstruction of the castle which enables visitor to travel back in time to 1066 Norman England. Visitors can explore the Castle, roam through the Norman Village behind the castle walls and explore the houses; smell the log fires burning and experience the ambience of an ancient bygone lifestyle.

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MuseumsMuseums in Britain and France such as the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset (more museum photo albums to shortly be added).
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Bovington Tank Museum


The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset is the museum of the Royal Tank Regiment & Royal Armoured Corps. A collection of almost 300 vehicles on exhibition from 26 countries is the most wide-ranging collection of tanks and armoured vehicles in the world. Includes the only working example of a German Tiger I tank and a British World War I Mark I; the world's oldest surviving combat tank.

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Charlestown Museum


Charlestown Museum located in a historic china clay building on the waterfront of the seaport of Charlestown, St. Austell, Cornwall. England. Charlestown Shipwreck and Heritage Centre, Cornwall is the largest collection of shipwreck artefacts and treasures in the UK.

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Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum, based in the historic Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, London. The birthplace of the Royal Artillery founded in 1716. Firepower tells the story of the men and women (over two 2 million) who have served as Gunners in the Royal Regiment of Artillery since it was founded; ordinary people and their extraordinary experiences that have made and continue to make history around the world.

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Medieval FestivalsMedieval Festivals and shows in England and France, often at sites of castles such as Warwick castle, sometimes in towns and villages such as Harwich, Essex, England.
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Chateau de Commequiers


Chateau de Commequiers was built early 16th Century by Sallertaine Louis de Beaumont but dismantled on the orders of Cardinal Richelieu in 1628 like other castles of the region during that time, six years after the defeat of Soubise to Notre-Dame-de-Riez and Saint Gilles. It was then owned by the Family of Tremoille Former Protestant lords. Every year the Association des Amis du Vieux Chateau de Commequiers organises a Medival festival, a two day event in period costume.

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Harwich Medival Festival


Medieval Harvest Festival, Harwich, Essex, England.

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Medieval Festivals, Vendee villages, France

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AquariumsPublic aquaria are popular tourist attractions throughout the world and frequently found in zoos or marine parks. They are made from reinforced concrete and plastics to create a tank that is large enough to hold an entire underwater ecosystem. Most public aquaria can be considered biotopes, ecotypes, or ecotopes since they house plants, fish, and invertebrates that would only live together in a natural habitat. Sharks and whales are some of the most common species found in public aquaria, although otters, penguins, and other semi-aquatic animals are often quite popular.
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Oceanic Aquarium, Vannes


Oceanic Aquarium, Vanns, France is a modern aquarium in the Parc du Golfe 500 metres south of place Gambetta, claims to have the best collection of tropical fish in Europe. Certainly specimens includes a four-eyed fish from Venezuela that can see simultaneously above and below the water and which are also divided into four sexes!; cave fish from Mexico that by contrast have no eyes at all; from Guyana the arowana which jumps two metres out of the water to catch birds and a Nile crocodile found in the Paris sewers in 1984 shares its tank with a group of piranhas.

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Zoos and Wildlife ParksPhoto albums of zoos across Europe include zoos and zoo animals in England and France.
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Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo August 2006 (70).jpg

Chester Zoo, a zoological garden located in Cheshire, north west England, was opened in 1931 by George Mottershead and his family. Chester Zoo, one of the largest zoos in Britain with 111 acres, has over 7000 animals and 400 different species, including some of the most endangered species on the planet.

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Longleat Safari Park, near Bath, Wiltshire, England opened in 1966 was the first drive-through safari park outside of Africa. The Safari park is situated in the grounds of Longleat House, the home of the 7th Marquess of Bath, comprises over 500 animals in an estate of 9000 acres (36.42 km2) of Wiltshire countryside.

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Parc Floral et Tropical


Parc Floral et Tropical, Vendee, France. since 1977 the Park Court Aron shows the micro-climate of this region of Vendee, tulips, orchids, carnivorous plants in greenhouses, Iceland poppies colorful, Japanese iris, papyrus from Egypt and leads you to the water gardens (waterfall, water jet) where you will rub the Koi. And, beyond to the arches of bamboo, eucalyptus groves, banana trees and palms from china where you will discover, as early as July, the asian lotuses-covered lake unique in Europe.

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Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, a wetland reserve managed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, is halfway between Bristol and Gloucester on the estuary of the river Severn. First opened 1946 thanks to the vision of artist and naturalist Sir Peter Scott. There are now eight other WWT sites in the UK. With 3 square kilometres of reserve of which 500,000 square metres is landscaped and open to the public, the reserve cares for and studies ducks, geese and swans and caters for bird and duck watchers with 16 hides overlooking fields, streams and lakes bordering the River Severn and the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.

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Whipsnade Zoo


Whipsnade Zoo, located at Whipsnade, near Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England covers 600 acres (2.4 km2), is one of Europe's largest wildlife conservation parks. It is home to over 6400 animals, many of which are endangered in the wild. The majority of the animals are kept within sizeable enclosures; others, such as the peacocks, the South American mara and Australian wallabies, roam freely around the park.

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Zoo de la Palmyre


Zoo de la Palmyre, one of the most popular zoos in France and one of the most recommended in Europe, was created in 1966 in the forest of the commune of Les Mathes, near Royan, by its founder Claude Caillé. The zoo, always trying to improve the quality of the animals lives, plays an important role in reintroducing animals into their natural habitats. The zoo Extends over 18 hectares, including 14 hectares of landscape garden, offers visitors the opportunity of observing more than 1600 animals, divided into 130 species, over a distance of more than 4 km.

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Zoo des Sables d'Olonne


Zoo des Sables d'Olonne is an oasis of green by the sea Providing a peek into the animal kingdom taking you through leafy passages of lush vegetation with a fascinating encounter of over 200 animals including giraffes, wild cats, monkeys and reptiles in a natural environment Resembling their own original surroundings.

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NatureZoos, Wildlife Parks, wildlife and nature including the Mistral Story, a mute swan's struggle for survival to bring up her young as she looses her mates, and the ensuing love triangle with a Hooper and mute swan.
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Nature Trail


A Nature Trail across Britain and France includes photos of zoo animals, wildlife animals and nature.

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Mistral the Swan

Wonder and Storm, two of Mistrals young.JPG

Mistral, named because she came to the Harwich area (Essex) in the windy month of March 1999, has had a sad and chequered life. She has had two mates and both were killed in another part of Dovercourt. So the Harwich Environmental Action Team (HEAT), who had been caring for her for over two years, moved her in the summer of 2001 to the ponds in Dovercourt for her own safety. The Harwich Environmental Action Team were then looking forward to the day when she may finally take off with her family and hopefully find another mate. Read the full story on Nathanville.

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Historic Places and People


Historic Places to visit in England, Wales and France, people in period costume and people having fun on their visits.

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