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Harwich Environmental Action Team (HEAT)

The following is a brief history of HEAT

We started 10 years ago, when most of our original members were part of the Beach Hut and Seafront Users Association, as a direct result of pollution on our beaches from sewerage. Originally, all we wished to do was prevent the pollution from Anglia Water Ltd, but we learnt so much as we went that we were asked to advise members of the environmental select committee on the issue of Sewage Pollution on the nations beaches and the treatments needed to prevent problems. Through our persistence the pipes were repaired at Harwich, an outlet pipe was removed at Dovercourt West End beach and a grid that had been removed illegally for 17 years, was put back on and cleaned.

It was then that we decided to continue with the environmental group but diversify into other issues for our area. This is just a little of what we have achieved:

  • We joined with Clacton Jubilee Rotary Club during the war in Kosovo and sent many containers of clothes, bedding, children's items and building materials to the Mother Theresa Rescue Centre in Kosovo.
  • We helped advise on the Gypsy Lane development.
  • We have conducted clean up's of Allfield's area, the Hangings area, various local beaches, parts of the town centre, parts of Jaywick and the boating lake. D We achieved Grade 11 listing for The Grange Sixth Form Centre.
  • We campaigned for a swan ramp at the boating lake to prevent problems when the District Council lowered the water in winter.
  • We campaigned for a Public Inquiry into the Bathside Bay development so that local issues could be addressed, including lighting, noise, pollution, and road and rail access, not only to protect the natural environment but also to give local people more protection.
  • We worked with many organisations and residents throughout the inquiry ensuring that they had enough funding for all the information that was required.
  • We were heavily involved with the rescue and transportation of oiled birds during the last major oil spill, which lasted over 3 weeks.
  • We work alongside local rescue centres, police, RSPCA, Swan Rescue at Salcott, and have helped in the rescue wildlife, including swans, foxes, seals, porpoise, various birds and mammals. This year alone we have rescued, treated, rehabilitated and released 34 Swans.

We now feel it is time to push for new members and/or supporters to continue this undervalued work to help our local community, environment and wildlife. It really is time to become a supporter or if you wish an active member its up to you.

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